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100% natural handcrafted soaps and skin care products.

What is it about Clean Essence 100% natural soaps and skin care products that truly set us apart?


At Clean Essence, we guarantee that our soaps will leave you with an unusually clean, refreshed and moisturized feeling that you may not be familiar with.  

Our soaps have a very pure clean natural feel that you will notice from the first seconds that you lather up. We know that this is due in part to us being so meticulous about only using natural ingredients.  It’s similar to breathing in clean air; you simply feel this rejuvenating clean feeling that’s hard to put into words.  At Clean Essence, you will never find synthetics, artificial colorants, fragrance oils, or anything that isn’t truly natural in our soaps or skin care products.

Our soaps will leave you not only feeling amazingly clean, but moisturized at the same time, resulting in a clearer, more youthful complexion.  Imagine a soap that doesn’t dry your skin.  

We accomplish this feat by never skimping on the quality or quantity of the natural plant oils we use.  We use an average of 9 different plant oils, not counting the essential oils, in our soaps.  The plant oils we use are chosen based on their therapeutic healing value to your skin. Many of our clients have told us they no longer have to use moisturizer after using our soaps.  We also use only high quality essential oils that are not highly adulterated, leaving you with soap that smells amazing and has the therapeutic properties of essential oils. 


Our soaps and skin care products are handcrafted. We make our soaps the old fashioned way, from scratch, and give them ample time to cure.

We are a small company, making all of our own products by hand, in small batches, here in the USA.   Our recipes are carefully created to bring you a soap that lasts, as well as a soap that gives you the amazingly clean refreshed moisturized skin you desire.  We know our soap bars have a wow factor.  We hear it from our clients quite often.  

Considering the quality of the ingredients in our products, we have kept our prices relatively low, and compromised profit margins.

Our thinking is that if you love our soaps and skin care products, and they’re relatively affordable, you will become a regular customer.  If you have never tried our products, or are not sure which soap bars to purchase, feel free to try our trial size soap bars for a fraction of the cost of our full size bars. 

Please visit our products page to read about and purchase our soaps as well as our other 100% natural skin care products. 

We make all of our products with the same kind of quality and natural purity that truly benefit, and feel amazingly clean on your skin… never greasy.  We love to get feedback.  Please feel free to leave your testimonial.  Thanks for visiting our site, and thanks for your patronage.  We hope you too will “Feel the Clean Difference of Clean Essence Skin Care”.  


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