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We created this marvelous deodorant that is light, very clean feeling, and breathable to your skin. It is also non-staining, and works really well at keeping you dry and odor free all day. The biggest plus, is that it is made with all natural ingredients that are actually good for the body. We use lavender Cardamom and Frankincense essential oils to create a lovely light slightly spicy aroma for this deodorant.



What motivated us to make this product was the fact that many deodorants ,especially commercial deodorants, have toxic chemicals that are quite harmful for the human body. Some so-called natural deodorants contain natural ingredients along with toxic ingredients. How natural is that? The other problem is that some natural deodorants just don’t work well.

That is why we came up with a deodorant that tackles these issues.

Directions- Take a small amount out of the jar with your fingertips and rub it directly onto your underarms. It’s so clean feeling that it will dissolve in your hands and underarms.  

About The Ingredients

Cocoa Butter

This oil improves the moisturizing texture of the deodorant. It’s also rich in minerals such as manganese, calcium, iron and zinc, which nourish the skin.

Shea Butter

This is a rich soothing moisturizer, which is high in vitamin E.  It is a non-greasy moisturizer that absorbs quickly, which is important for a deodorant.

Coconut oil 

This oil softens the skin. It is non-greasy, and light in texture.  It absorbs easily into the skin without clogging pores, which is an important attribute for a deodorant.

Kaolin Clay

Helps to gently neutralize odors while pulling out toxins from your skin.

Baking soda 

This natural substance is well known for its ability to absorb odor and sweat. Using baking soda for the skin directly is not advisable as it can be irritating to the skin.  However, mixed with soothing oils, baking soda is gentle to the skin.

Arrowroot Powder

This edible natural powder absorbs sweat naturally. This is an important protection that is necessary for a good deodorant. We all know that wet underarms can be embarrassing and stain clothes.


Beeswax provides a barrier of protection while letting the skin breathe. Also, it’s works as an emulsifier keeping the deodorant together in a thicker state.

Lavender Essential Oil. 

We use this oil for the fresh floral aroma and the anti-bacterial properties that fight body odor.

Cardamom Essential Oil

Cardamom Essential Oil has a slightly nutty sweet aromatic wood aroma. It has strong anti-bacterial properties to combat odors.

Frankincense Essential Oil has a pine citrus spicy aroma. It has an anti-fungal,anti-bacterial anti-microbial properties, making it an excellent oil to keep you odor free.

Cocoa Butter *, Shea Butter*, Coconut Oil*, Kaolin Clay*, Baking Soda*, Arrow Root Powder*, Bee’s Wax*, Wild Crafted Lavender Essential Oil, Cardamom Essential Oil* Frankincense Essential Oil* 


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  1. Bill

    I’ve used so many organic deodorants on the market today. This one by far is the one I no works for me. my pits are now stink free. Thank you

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