Our Humble Beginning

The idea of making our own soap began as my husband, Bill, became increasingly dissatisfied with the natural soaps available at the local health food markets. Even soaps that purported to have all-natural ingredients, left his skin feeling dry, and some left a film. When he really investigated what was in some of the natural soaps, he found that although they contained natural ingredients, they weren’t all-natural.
When you add artificial colorants or fragranced oils instead of essential oils, the soap is not going to perform or feel the way a natural soap does, and it cheapens the soap. In short it is not a natural soap This is not to say that there aren’t some wonderful natural soap companies out there producing quality all-natural soaps, it’s just that the soaps that he was coming across at the markets weren’t performing the way he wanted them to.
He was driven by his desire to formulate his own 100% natural soaps, consisting of only the finest natural plant oils and essential oils having the combined therapeutic properties to cleanse, moisturize and heal the skin at the same time. When he started to investigate the properties of oils, he discovered that there are so many amazing oils that come from nature that truly heal the skin of all kinds of conditions, as well as moisturize, cleanse and anti-age the skin. One of the reasons that Bill uses so many different oils in his recipes is that he wanted to bring all of these therapeutic properties to his soaps. Soap making is an art and a science.
Years of research and testing have gone into making what we feel is a superb product. Creating a long lasting, truly natural soap bar that contains these amazing oils, and has the desired amount of cleansing, lathering, and moisturizing, is not an easy task, but we feel we have accomplished just that.
Before we started selling our products at farmers markets and crafts shows, we created soaps for ourselves for quite a while, and gave them out to friends and relatives in return for feedback. When we got to the point where most everyone loved the soap, and even our commercial soap lovers wanted more, we knew we had something special.
We have been blessed by getting the same reaction from selling our product at the markets. Almost all of people that buy our soaps, come back for more, and rave about it Bill also branched out from making soap bars to create other skin care products such as moisturizers, anti wrinkle cream, sunscreen, deodorant and bug repellant ,lip balm etc.
Bill is driven by his desire to create natural products for the skin that are incredibly healthy, therapeutic , beneficial and feel wonderful on your skin. He is a perfectionist who is always researching and finding new and better ways to produce the highest quality, truly all- natural products that benefit your skin as nature intended it to. We love hearing your reviews of Clean Essence, as well as your suggestions.